Digital Leadership In Financial Services

An Innovative Solution For Mid To Senior Finance Professionals & Intrapreneurs

Dr. Tony de Bree (Ph.D. MBA), Founder & CEO of FinTech Startup Partners, with a lean & mean virtual organisation focusing on advising, training, and coaching founders and teams of FinTech startups and scaleups — as well as corporate & private investors — has signed a partnership agreement with Boudewin Vellinga from Greifenberg, a leading European search and recruitment firm to help their customers to survive the Covid-19 pandemic and to make a difference in the lives of their customers.

Personal right-skilling is key. 

After having engaged in a Covid-19 proof on demand personalized blended learning program together with a selected group of leading partners, these senior Financial Services professionals will have implemented a personal right-skillingplan to:

  1. continue to work in the corporate Financial Services sector;
  2. found their own company as independent business owner with their our virtual organisation like Tony and Boudewijn both did, staying small;
  3. found their own FinTech or RegTech startup;
  4. work for a scaleup including FinTech- or RegTech scaleups;
  5. start working in a different sector.

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About the Author: Tony de Bree

Tony de Bree is a born survivor. He worked 26 years in global banking & finance. As turnaround manager and in corporate strategy & change, outsourcing, offshore banking & splitting up ABN Amro Bank globally. In 2001 he started as digital business owner selling digital products in 2001 next to his dayjob at ABN Amro Bank as 'plan b'. In 2011, he became an independent businessowner helping customers online & offline.

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