Ranked Number 1 On Google With A Short Video With 256 Million Results


Ranked Number 1 On Google With A Short Video With 256 Million Results.

I have been using short videos or ‘shorts’ since 5 years now for customers and for myself, and they work great. There are 5 benefits of using short videos or ‘pitch videos’ as we also call them:

  • Due to their extremely short nature, most viewers will watch the whole thing – and may even end up watching it more than once.
  • They are quicker and less expensive to produce than long videos.

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  • Short videos are some of the most shared content by some major hitters including influencers in the social media arena including on Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, TikTok & LinkedIn.
  • You do not have to be in the video yourself as is often the case with traditional ‘video pitches’ for startups for instance or for traditional bookmarketing where you tell a story yourself.


  • They have the same SEO value as longer videos or even better as you can see in the video. For the keywords ‘Digital Right-Skilling For Digital Entrepreneurs’, the short video ‘What Is Digital Right-Skilling?’  ranked nr 1 in Google!

Of course, that does not happen all the time, but very often my short videos including on this site, are on the first page for certain keywords. Inclduing on YouTube. Not bad, don’t you agree?

As you can see, short videos are perfect for giving your digital business a quick, easy and inexpensive boost and engaging the people that are watching the short video. That is why short video selling & marketing is also one of the optional modules in our hybrid learning ‘The Digital Entrepreneurship School’ programs.

Want to use short videos to grow and scale your online business? 

If you want to learn more on how you can use short videos in your online business including on social platforms during Covid-19, please do not hesitate to contact me on Skype on tony.de.bree, email me here or through LinkedIn.

Kind regards,
Tony de Bree

About the Author: Tony de Bree

Dr. Tony de Bree EEP MBA is a born survivor. He worked 26 years in ICT, E-Learning, global banking & finance. As turnaround manager and in corporate strategy & change, e-commerce, corporate venturing ,outsourcing, offshore banking & splitting up ABN Amro Bank globally. In 2001 he started as digital business owner, selling digital products in 2001 next to his dayjob working from home as 'plan b', as a side-hustle. In 2011, he became an independent businessowner helping customers online & offline with digital products and digital services including online coaching and short video production like on this site.

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