Survival Strategies For Corporates How To Survive The Covid-19 Crisis in 5 Steps

Survival Strategies For Corporates. How To Survive The Covid-19 Crisis In 5 Steps – New eBook

Want to define & implement the right survival strategy for your corporate to survive the Covid-19 crisis by combining sustainable transformation and digital transformation at the same time?

Then use this innovative 5-step approach with canvasses like the Corporate Model Canvas©.

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What is included in the ‘Survival Strategies For Corporates’ package?

Included in this survival-guide is:

  1. A 56-pages ‘how-to’ e-book.
  2. Corporate change canvasses including the Corporate Model Canvas©.
  3. A practical, holistic corporate change management approach.
  4. Free eBooks including one on ‘Organisational economics’.
  5. A random multiple choice exam to check if you have acquired the rekevant basic knowledge.

Buy the ‘Survival Strategies For Corporates’ package today here. for $8,99!

If you want to help corporate customers to implement the right survival strategy with corporate change management, then you can also use this package and make money as corporate survival consultant.

Need help defining and implementing the right survival strategy for your corporate?

Send us an email with your phonenumber and your questions here and we will call you back asap.

Best regards Tony de Bree

p.s Professionals that bought ‘Survival Strategies For Corporates also bought ‘Digital Strategy Mapping. Digital Leadership In The Online Platform Economy’.

About the Author: Tony de Bree

Dr. Tony de Bree EEP MBA is a born survivor. He worked 26 years in ICT, E-Learning, global banking & finance. As turnaround manager and in corporate strategy & change, e-commerce, corporate venturing ,outsourcing, offshore banking & splitting up ABN Amro Bank globally. In 2001 he started as digital business owner, selling digital products in 2001 next to his dayjob working from home as 'plan b', as a side-hustle. In 2011, he became an independent businessowner helping customers online & offline with digital products and digital services including online coaching and short video production like on this site.

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